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What is Pregnancy, Birth and/or Newborn Photography?

This trained and skilled profession aids you in keeping hold of certain memories and time spent by digitally capturing the moment for you to have and hold forever. Birth photography is just that, photos of you and your family during labor and birth.

A Birth Photographer captures the first moments of the birth of a new family. Not sure if you want someone else at your birth? Check around our site for some amazing photos of labor and birth. We are sure you will change your mind.

Why do I need pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photographs?

  • Pregnancy Photos are taken during pregnancy is all your glowing beauty as you prepare to welcome your little one/s.
  • Newborn Photography captures those first sweet days so you can remember them forever.
  • You want to remember your baby/ies birth and your newborn/s the way they were at that exact moment in time.
  • You want to be in your photos!
  • You want good quality, and professionally taken photos to have in your home and to share with others.
  • You want someone who is trained with lighting positioning and correct scenery to capture the perfect moment.
  • You want to be able to focus on other things going on such as birthing your baby instead of worrying about who is going to take photos for you to see later.







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