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San Diego Birth Network is a group of providers in San Diego County working in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This website's purpose is to help families find the providers they need to support them through the changes having a baby brings to their lives.

Helping Parents

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Empowerment and Normalcy of Birth

Birth is a normal, natural, and healthy process.

“For the well-being of childbearing women and society at-large, we must shift from the current over-reliance on the medical management of birth, back to an understanding and respect for the normal physiology of birth." Mary Lawlor, CPM, MA.
Childbirth is a normal and natural process, NOT always a medical event. A laboring person's body is made to grow babies and give birth. Laboring people and babies have the inherent wisdom necessary for birth.
A laboring person's confidence and ability to give birth and to care for their baby is enhanced or diminished by every person who gives them care, and by the environment in which they give birth. Finding and choosing the right provider can impact the entire experience and outcome.

Evidence-Based Care

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient value. When these three elements are integrated, clinicians and patients form an alliance that optimizes clinical outcomes and quality of life (Sackett 2000).

Evidence-based care is not fear-based. It is care rooted in evidence and research and allows for families to be involved in the decision-making surrounding their care. It is interactive, it is informative, and it is empowering.

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