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Birth Art

What is Birth Art?

Many practitioners help you create ceremony, memories, and a space for processing through birth art. Art or creative therapy can be wonderful and healing for birth preparation, coping with pregnancy loss, and birth trauma. Birth art can be anything from henna, belly casting, vision boards, beading to storytelling and blessingways.
Why do I need Birth Art?

  • Art therapy is an incredible tool for many birthing people as they prepare for birth, face any fears or doubts they may have, as well as work issues out in an alternative way.
  • It's a great time to utilize the extra love and connection you feel with your baby and express yourself through an outlet that can be special and meaningful to mark a unique time in your life.
  • Art or creative therapy is incredibly helpful outlet to reflect on your birth/s, and really process what may not have worked either in your birth plan or dealing with loss of control.
  • Creative self-expression is a wonderful way to design a visual or tangible expression of how you feel during a moment that you can later reflect on.
  • Art therapy, whether guided in a group environment or done individually, may help you explore and express the dreams, concerns, and hopes – or sadness, grief, and anger – that may be part of your own journey into parenthood.
  • It can be a process of self-discovery and spiritual growth, and of healing and release.
  • Blessingways can be an amazing way to celebrate a birthing person and their unborn child/ren, offering support, love, and empowerment. It is a great alternative to the traditional baby shower.

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