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Jennifer Mendoza, LCSW

Jennifer Mendoza, LCSW
Holistic Care, Mental Health and Support


The journey to motherhood can be overwhelming for many reasons. Are you struggling with scary thoughts, sadness, rage or overwhelm during pregnancy/postpartum? If you’ve experienced a traumatic birth or if you’re riding the uncertainty of an infertility journey, you may feel robbed of the “normal” experiences of motherhood you hoped for. You feel like you’re about to fall apart at any moment. But one thing is for sure: you’re ready to feel some relief. You’re ready to feel calm, hopeful and confident. Most of all, you’re ready to feel like yourself again! I can help you get there- I will be with you every step of the way.

Clients reach out in search of a therapist that is warm, genuine, and that really hears them. Therapy with me is collaborative and holistic-nurturing your mind, body & spirit. Together we will explore and process the challenges you face at a pace that feels safe for you. We will celebrate the wins as you feel more empowered, grounded & find joy in your days.

As a therapist specializing in perinatal mental health and trauma, I believe it’s possible for you to find healing on your journey to and through motherhood. You do not have to struggle with the overwhelming feelings related to fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum on your own. You deserve help from someone who gets it! Book a free consultation with me today.

Hi! I am a holistic, perinatal mental health therapist who helps women feel empowered on the journey to and through motherhood. I support women experiencing pregnancy and postpartum anxiety & depression, birth trauma, and fertility challenges. I also feel passionately about supporting homebirth moms as a fellow homebirth mama. ☀


In addition to my specialized training in perinatal and reproductive mental health, I also offer care that is attachment and trauma focused. We will focus on building coping skills to help you feel calm and cope with distress, explore and understand how past experiences and relationships are affecting you now, and utilize different therapeutic approaches to process and heal from trauma and other disturbing experiences. Many of my clients appreciate the use of a mind-body approach in their therapy, as I pull from somatic techniques and various evidence-based therapy approaches. I am trained in EMDR and am happy to discuss if this is an approach that can help you heal from traumatic experiences.

Visit my website at to book a free 15 minute consultation directly from my client portal.


Jennifer Mendoza, LCSW

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Holistic Care, Mental Health and Support

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Specialized mental health therapy for pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, and birth trauma



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