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Nikki Cohen

Nikki Cohen
Craniosacral Therapy, Holistic Care, Physical Therapy/Body Work


Nikki Cohen, D.P.T.

I am PASSIONATE about working with and empowering women, especially during the transition into motherhood.

We as women are so beautifully complex, with a strong integration of mind, body and spirit. Healthcare generally only addresses the body part and ignores the other two.

As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist with further education in Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy, I appreciate the beautiful complexity of the human body. I aim to restore you to your optimal function, improve your quality of life, and foster empowerment throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.

My Credentials:

Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Azusa Pacific University

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from California State University, Northridge

Extensive continuing education in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Visceral Mobilization through the Barral Institute and Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.

I am a member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP).  You can check out my profile and courses taken here.


Dr. Nikki Cohen ~ The Organic PT

Type of Service

Craniosacral Therapy, Holistic Care, Physical Therapy/Body Work

Other Services

Visceral Mobilization, Post-Partum Assessments

Free/Discounted Services

Discount for students and military Free 20 minute consults



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