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Lauren Mallari-Snyder

Lauren Mallari-Snyder
Body Work, Physical Therapy, Postpartum Doula, Yoga and Fitness


My name is Lauren and I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy in San Diego. My background in dance, gymnastics and track and field led me to develop a fascination with the body, its mechanics, and the art of movement.

I began my career in 2012 focusing on helping patients with orthopedic and sports-related issues (ie. knee pain when running, neck pain when using the computer, back pain when dancing etc.). Just months after, I began post-graduate training to focus more on women’s health, including pelvic floor issues, pregnancy and postpartum. I was seeing just how prevalent pelvic floor issues were in both my male and female “orthopedic” patients, how uncomfortable pregnancy could get, how MUCH the body had to endure and change through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, and how often people were misguided, left to deal with a diminished quality of life because “That’s just what happens after you have a baby.” or “Guess this just comes with age.” or “That’s what I get for pushing it that hard at the gym.” I knew I could do more for them.

I created Thrive Physical Therapy to show people a different style of treatment, to enhance function as opposed to just treating symptoms.

I believe that the way we move through life is important. It can be intentional, purposeful and doesn’t have to be as difficult or painful as it is sometimes. I believe efficient movement can heal dysfunction and facilitate strength and fluidity in our lives.

I believe our bodies can do more than just “be,” I believe it can THRIVE.

We’ve been granted this one, beautiful, body to work with and it is my intention to help you thrive within it.

In my free time, I continue my love of dance by taking classes at a local dance studio and cook, hang with my hubs, dog and friends around San Diego and make weekend trips up to Long Beach to be with family.


THRIVE Physical Therapy San Diego

Type of Service

Body Work, Physical Therapy, Postpartum Doula, Yoga and Fitness

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orthopedic concerns, cupping, myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education,motor control training

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Phone Consultation - 15 Minutes



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