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Kyra lee George

Kyra lee George
Birth Doula, Placenta Services


My name is Kyra-Lee George, I am the owner of Kyra-Lee’s Doula & Postpartum Services. I have been married for six years and I am a mother of two beautiful boys. When I talk about my business, I get asked why I wanted to become a doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. After being pregnant with my two boys it became obvious what my career path should be. I see each pregnancy as a unique miracle. I have always had a passion to work with mothers and babies. As pregnancy and postpartum go hand in hand, I attended training for both specialties.  I’ve been a professional Doula based in San Diego since 2022. I help women embark on their birthing journey gently through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Currently, I am attending school to become an (IBCLC) international board-certified lactation consultant. We all know how hard breastfeeding can be for some mothers. I myself struggled with my first baby when my milk dried up four months postpartum and had to switch to formula. Unfortunately, when it comes to my doula experience with my second child, my doula was not present which has driven me, even more, to become a doula so that no one will experience what I had gone through and can get the quality of service and care they deserve. I also wanted to encapsulate my placenta but knew very little of the process and became more curious over time. In all my experiences, I hope to help guide other women in their pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding journey.


Kyra-Lee's Doula & Postpartum Services

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Birth Doula, Placenta Services

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