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Melissa Meade

Melissa Meade
Physical Therapy/Body Work


My goal is to allow for balance and healing for all of my clients. We are our best selves when we have harmony of chakras, mind, body, soul and our energetic field. When we balance these areas we allow for larger shifts in our life, and transformational change at a deeper level.

I began my journey as a student of Complementary and Alternative modalities early in my 20’s, exploring herbal remedies, apothecary, crystal healing and more along the way. I consider myself an eternal student of holistic health. Later, I became a certified Reiki Master of the Usui lineage, a Shamanic practitioner, and recipient of the Rites of the Munay-Ki.

All the services offered by Warrior of the Light facilitate healing and transitions for your highest and best good. Healing and regeneration are an unending process. Seeing and feeling the release of energy or blockages that are no longer serving my clients, and the relief that comes with it, is the best part of my day. I love inspiring others to reach for a life more in-tune with their calling and true purpose.

Why Reiki During Pregnancy?
Article retrieved from the International Association of Reiki Practitioners; :
Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful and spiritual experiences. However, the journey to motherhood can also be accompanied by a number of different stressors on the mind, body and soul. Reiki offers healing energy not only to mothers-to-be, but also to their unborn babies.
Already widely used in hospitals as a vital care component, Reiki is increasingly accepted for its extraordinary benefits during pregnancy. Recent research from USA Connecticut’s Hartford Hospital determined that pregnant women who use Reiki on a regular basis experience a 94 percent reduction in stress and anxiety; a 78 percent reduction in pain; and an 80 percent reduction in morning sickness. Pregnant Reiki recipients also enjoy an 86 percent improvement in quality of sleep.

If you’re worried that Reiki will be too strong during pregnancy, think again: Reiki is guided by gentle life force energy and your body intuitively understands its own energy needs. Your own body is in charge and takes it in as needed and where needed most.

While Reiki’s effects vary from recipient to recipient, most pregnant women who receive Reiki report feeling more relaxed, balanced and radiant after treatments. Reiki can also help you let go of any fears, anxieties or negative feelings you may be experiencing during your pregnancy.

Even better? Your growing baby will also enjoy the soothing benefits of this complementary therapy which is passed from you to your unborn child during the session.

But Reiki isn’t only healthy during pregnancy. It can also be used for everything from treating anxiety to easing labor, delivery and recovery. And don’t forget: babies, toddlers and kids love Reiki, too, so this ancient art of healing can be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

Many women find pregnancy to be an opportune time to learn Reiki, receive an attunement or continue their Reiki training. The practice is simple to learn, and can be used both for self-care and to share with others.

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