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Deb Davies

Deb Davies
Acupuncture, Childbirth Education


I’m an experienced acupuncturist and women’s health specialist with a passion for pregnancy and childbirth. Over the past 20 years, I have had the great honor of supporting thousands of women through the beautiful journey of pregnancy and birth. I work with women to provide postpartum care, as well as fertility support. I educate and empower expectant couples to have safe and healthy pregnancies, deliveries and recoveries, all the while giving them the tools necessary to exercise alternative options in healthcare and choose what feels right to them. My heart simply sings to the tune of this work, and here’s why…

I am the mother of two girls. My first born, Mia Belle was born still at term from a cord accident in March of 2001. This was a very emotionally difficult time for me. A year later, I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy girl, my sweet and precious Lauryn. It is my daughters who fill me with such enormous gratitude and an unshakable sense of connection and awe, so much so that I have decided to dedicate my life in service to elevating the experience of pregnancy and birth for all women. This is my deepest, most sincere desire, and my girls are truly the inspiration behind this work.

Through my personal journey going through the loss of my daughter to experiencing the joys of motherhood, I have developed a profound sense of empathy and understanding towards women who have experienced complications during pregnancy. I aim to instill hope and confidence within these families while doing my absolute best to safeguard them from any pitfalls that may come up along the way.

I am a pregnancy & birth acupuncture expert, but also work closely with women to overcome fertility obstacles through the use of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle/dietary adjustments. Naturally, the goal is always to maintain a healthy and enjoyable full term pregnancy. I offer techniques to prepare and empower expectant couples for an optimal birth experience, from sharing acupressure points that couples can use throughout pregnancy and birth, to teaching birth education classes, and so much more. I have found these skills to be indispensable and have witnessed the positive and transformative effect they have on couples that practice them together.


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Acupuncture, Childbirth Education

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I'm a birth doula,licensed acupuncturist specializing in fertility, pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

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