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Dr. Jaime Goldman, DPT, RYT, Doula

Dr. Jaime Goldman, DPT, RYT, Doula
Birth Doula, Breastfeeding Support, Physical Therapy/Body Work


Introduction My name is Dr. Jaime Goldman, I am a women’s health physical therapist specializing in pregnancy, post-partum, and pelvic floor health. I operate my practice out of the Tree of Life Birth Center in Encinitas. The intention of my physical therapy practice is to provide conscious, embodied, and holistic care to all that I am privileged to work with. Becoming a mother myself has been the most transformative experience of my life- literally waking me up to a new paradigm of what really matters, and the importance of living an authentic and compassionate life in the service of others. My additional training as a registered yoga instructor and birth doula are extensions of this awakening. It is my calling to serve this special birthing community.

Payment/Insurance/Karma I accept cash payment in addition to being in-network with a few insurance companies. I feel strongly that no one in need of services should be turned away, regardless of their ability to pay. As such, I am open to accepting a sliding scale fee schedule as well as skill trade/barter/pay-what-you-can/karma donation for anyone with an extreme need. In order to make this type of model possible, I rely heavily on the support of the conscious community of San Diego County to assist me by referring new clients to my practice. Your support as a paying or insured client, or as a fellow birth community member referral source allows me to continue to operate within this model. What we as a community choose to nourish is what we will see grow. Let’s grow a community that takes care of each of it’s members. This is our work, together.

Pregnancy, Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Our bodies undergo a lot of change during pregnancy, postpartum and childbirth. New injuries show up, and old aches and pains return. Living with pain, discomfort, or dysfunction during pregnancy or the postpartum period shouldn’t be the norm, despite it being so common. I provide compassionate, and effective, evidence-based care, for the treatment of  musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and soft tissue conditions that contribute to pain and dysfunction during this highly demanding season of life.  I also have extensive advanced practice training and certification for the treatment of pelvic floor conditions including urinary incontinence/sexual dysfunction/pelvic pain/prolapse/scar tissue and adhesions/perineum lacerations/episiotomy/ ceasarean birth scars, and more.

The Pelvic Floor Friendly Doula Witnessing birth is one of the most sacred and miraculous human experiences. To have the privilege to attend a birth, and support the enormous work of labor and bringing forth new life is of the highest honor. I refer to myself as The Pelvic Floor Friendly Doula because of my training as both a birth doula and as a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in the pelvic floor. My clients truly receive the best of both worlds; a compassionate and knowledgeable birth doula providing unbiased support and education throughout their pregnancy, birth, and beyond, plus the added benefit of having a highly skilled pelvic floor expert in their corner with a specialized focus on minimizing pain, and reducing the incidence pelvic floor injury and perineum trauma.

Treatment of Blocked Milk Ducts I offer a therapeutic ultrasound protocol for the treatment of blocked milk ducts. This protocol is supported by clinical research and has been found to be highly effective for relieving pain and edema, and ultimately leading to the resolution of blocked ducts and the prevention of mastitis. The protocol is ideally initiated for any persistent blocked ducts lasting greater than 24 hours that are not responsive to standard conservative/home treatment (i.e. latch correction, self massage, heat, frequent feeds, etc.) Due to the urgent nature in initiating this treatment in the setting of blocked milk ducts, same day appointments will be guaranteed, and treatment can be provided in-clinic at Tree of Life Birth Center in Encinitas. For an additional fee, I will also travel to the home, or workplace of a client to provide treatment.

Connect I look forward to connecting with you in the near future. Visit my website to learn more or contact me directly to discuss how I can serve you.



Luna Physical Therapy (at Tree of Life Birth Center)

Type of Service

Birth Doula, Breastfeeding Support, Physical Therapy/Body Work

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Pregnancy, Postpartum & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Birth Doula, Treatment of Blocked Milk Ducts



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