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Gina Caserma

Gina Caserma
Acupuncture, Childbirth Education, Chiropractic, Parent & Baby Educators


I decided to become more directly involved in the SDBN following my daughter’s move to college in August of 2016. I have been a practicing chiropractor in San Diego since 1996, and specializing in prenatal and pediatric care. After the birth of my daughter in 1998, I realized my experiences both as a pregnant women and then giving birth was much different that what most women experience. Pregnancy and birth is a time for women to feel loved, supported and begin to come into their own power as a mother. I am passionate about inspiring and educating women that their birth is their choice and they are the captain and can choose who they want on their team. I want to empower women to have a plan for their birth. Birth sets the foundation to raising  a healthy, happy, thriving child. By helping women choose their best birth path and set a good foundation, then helping moms understand that health is our birth right; I can ultimately guide them on their journey to raising healthy, happy, drug free families.  I am excited to be part of an organization that has the power to change how women approach their births and improve the health of mothers and babies. 


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Acupuncture, Childbirth Education, Chiropractic, Parent & Baby Educators

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